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Tindera is an Ultimate Form Spectrobe, contained within the Flame Geo. Tindera's is the first Geo to be obtained in both Spectrobes and Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals and is the only story-required Geo, though he doesn't make an appearance in Spectrobes: Origins.


Tindera is serpentine-like in appearance, and his body along with the two large swords he holds are engulfed in flame. His blades are constantly ignited with blue flames. His face resembles a cat's face. At the tip of his tail he has a huge purple, third hand that he uses to throw fireballs he creates at enemies. Tindera's Geo gem color is similar to that of a ruby


  • Spectrobes - "Tindera is often called the king of flames. His body is formed of the fires of Genshi. Legend has it that the two swords he wields can annihilate anything they touch."
  • Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals - "This king of combustion is formed from superheated magma and wields two fiery swords. "


In Spectrobes, Tindera is the first Geo obtained and the only one relevant to the main storyline, He's found in the second area of Genshi. He is the only Ultimate form available prior to beating the game.

In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, the Geo in which he is contained is damaged, preventing him from being summoned until the battle against Kragon.


Upon being summoned, Tindera flies away from a large, black sphere that actually looks like planet Meido, then stops, stares for a second, and uses its blades to create a ball of fire. Tindera then uses its tail to launch the fireball, and the projectile explodes soon after.


Tindera also appears in the Spectrobes Webisodes. Rallen first obtains the Flame Geo after using the Card Input system in episode 8, and Aldous hangs on to it until episode 10, where Rallen activates the Geo in the final battle against the Krawl as a last ditch effort. Tindera's attack not only strikes the leader Krawl but also destroys the portal threatening to flood the Nanairo system with Krawl.


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