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Spectrobe Master
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Aldous (also known as Mr. X) is one of the main protagonists of the Spectrobes series and the only known survivor of the Krawl's attack on the Giorna star-system. He is highly skilled, and is one of the few known Spectrobe Masters. His vast knowledge of Krawl and Spectrobes has proven vital for the Nanairo Planetary Patrol. He made his debut in the premier DS game, Spectrobes. In the webisodes, he is voiced by Kirk Thornton.


Aldous is a very old man with a a large, orange, bushy beard. His pride can be shown in his great posture and passionate eyes.

Being a Spectrobe Master, he wears a golden Prizmod on his wrist. He also appears to wear a gray, robe-like suit. It is designed to be futuristic, yet maintains a more ceremonial style to suggest his different origin.


Aldous was a Spectrobe Master in the Giorna system. He was also one of the only ones that could predict the onslaught of the Krawl. His efforts to prevent the attack on Giorna would be proven useless, as the Krawl succeeded in devouring his entire star system. He was able to survive in an escape pod. He drifted inside of it for years until he finally crash landed on Daichi, where he was discovered by Rallen and Jeena.

As he comes to cope with the loss of his home, he learns of the interaction between Nanairo and the Krawl. He feels that it is up to him to aid Rallen, so that Rallen may be able to defeat the powerful threat.


Being a Spectrobe Master, Aldous should have a large team of Spectrobes at his disposal. Yet, his team has not come to light, except for a few exceptions.

On HandEdit

Danawa: In the video series, Aldous was able to summon a Danawa as his main Support Spectrobe. He utilized it to demonstrate the usefulness of a Child Spectrobe and to find a Komapod for Rallen.

Gave AwayEdit

Spikan & Zozane: These two were in Aldous's Prizmod when Rallen first activated it. Aldous gave them to Rallen to give him a head-start in the battle against the Krawl.


  • Like the other known Spectrobe Masters, Aldous has orange hair.
  • Aldous' name means "old" or "elder", a fitting name considering his design, and his role as Rallen's teacher.


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