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Commander Grant
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Commander Grant is a secondary character in the Spectrobes series. He is the head of the Nanairo Planetary Patrol, and as such as Rallen and Jeena's commanding officer.


Most of Commander Grant's early life remains unknown. As a young man, he worked as an officer for the Nanairo Planetary Patrol.

During one mission, his ship flew into the Kaio system and crashed on the planet Wyterra. However, he was saved from his flaming ship by Kamtoga and Krux. Over time, he became close friends with the two.

At one point, while experimenting on Krawl, he found a liquid substance. He later accidentally tipped this over on Krawl cells, which made them grow. They tried to attack him, but Grant used his blaster to stop them. Shortly afterwards, he is questioned by Krux as to what he was doing. Although Grant lies to him, Krux knew what he was doing by spying on him.

In Spectrobes: Origins, he is seen by Jeena to be mostly untrustworthy, with her expressing her misgivings often.


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