Kamtoga 3D
Has a camp site on Kogoeria
First Appearance

Kamtoga was Krux's Spectrobe Master partner prior to the events of Spectrobes: Origins. They worked together to gather information regarding Spectrobes in the Kaio system as well as fend off Krawl attacks. Kamtoga is a tall, burly man, and typically wears a serious expression.


Kamtoga lives on Kogoeria the Kamtoga Patrol, although he frequently makes visits to Haven Village on Wyterra. He has learned many things while working with Krux and is willing to share this information with the new Spectrobe Master, Rallen. He kept the Cosmo Axe and Cosmokey from his days as a Spectrobe Master partner, and passes those items on to Rallen once he arrives on Kogoeria. He later rescues Rallen and Jeena when they fall in a pit when the ice underneath the two breaks.

Kamtoga later appears on Bahmud when he rescues Rallen from a blade thrown by Krux, and encounters Krux for the first time in years without recognizing him. After that, he is thrown into a pit by a large Krawl. Rallen and Jeena find Kamtoga, but they are stopped by the Boss Krawl Gafing, who they defeat in order to get to Kamtoga. Later, he, Jeena, and Rallen meet up with Grant and the group encounter two Kruxes - one who is actually Jado, and the other who is the real Krux. Kamtoga is then seen with Grant telling Rallen and Jeena to escape the Bahmud's ruins.


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