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Blova, a basic Krawl. Slow-moving but powerful.

The Krawl are amoebic-like creatures. They completely devour stars and planetary systems.
Aldous, Spectrobes.

The Krawl are the antagonists of the Spectrobes games series. They are the creatures of the dark. Krawl are lead by the evil Master Krux, who destroyed the star system Giorna before moving onto Nanairo. They often appear in black vortexes and will attack anything in their path.


The Krawl possibly originated in the Kaio system, where the Spectrobe Master Krux fought against them. Eventually he began to experiment with the Krawl, believing he could control the them. During an experiment he partially amalgamated into a human/Krawl hybrid. From this point on he could control the Krawl.

Sometime prior to the events in Spectrobes, the Krawl destroyed the Giorna system.

After the annihilation of the Giorna system. Krux turned his sights towards the Nanairo system, where the star system's seventh planet, Meido, was converted into a Krawl nest.

The Krawl began to invade other planets in the Nanairo star system. Swarming in their black vortexes. Throughout the events of Spectrobes, Rallen and the Spectrobes battle against the Krawl. Eventually ridding them from Meido and saving the star system from destruction.

During the events of Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals the Krawl invade Nanairo again. This time accompanied by the four High Krawl and Krux himself. They are also shown to have invaded other star systems at the same time. Rallen & Jeena set off once again to battle against the Krawl to save not only the Nanairo star system, but all others being ravaged by the Krawl.

Some time later the Krawl are seen to be attacking the Kaio system under Krux's command, eventually forming a planet sized Krawlosphere that was sent to collide with Wyterra and destroy it. Throughout the events of Spectrobes: Origins, Rallen & Jeena halt the Krawl's attempts to annihilate the Kaio system and are able to awaken the Ultimate Form, Kaio, to destroy the Krawlosphere before it strikes Wyterra. Bringing an end to Krux's tyranny.


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