Archenemy of Rallen and all humankind. Has the horrific ability to control the entire Krawl race. A mask hides his true face."
―Spectrobes: Origins Database entry.
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Krux is the main antagonist of Spectrobes series, appearing in both Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals and Spectrobes: Origins. Little is known about him in Beyond the Portals, but Origins reveals his backstory, making him out to have been a former Spectrobe Master. Krux is the commander of the Krawl forces, and is bent on dominating the entire universe.




Around thirty years before the events of Origins, Krux was a Spectrobe Master from the Kaio system. He and his partner Kamtoga lived and worked out of a cave on Wyterra, near Haven Village. They gathered data from experiments and observation and recorded it on memo disks for future Spectrobe Masters to find.

One day, he and Kamtoga stumbled upon a crashed Patrol Cruiser. Krux checks the vessel for survivors, and finds a young Nanairo Planetary Patrol officer named Grant among the debris. Over time, the three become friends as they fight off the Krawl together.

Later, Grant stumbled onto a fluid that could be used to grow Krawl. The fluid proved to be quite dangerous; a batch of sample cells matured and tried to attack him. Grant destroyed the sample, but Krux had been secretly watching the experiment. He believed that they could use the fluid to gain an advantage over the Krawl. Grant was concerned by the consequences, but Krux thought that Grant was trying to keep the fluid for himself. Krux stole the vial of the dark fluid, knocking Grant unconscious, and then used it on himself. True to Grant's predictions, it turned out to be dangerous and unpredictable. His body and mind were twisted by the fluid and he became half Krawl. From there, he went on to become the master of the Krawl.

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, Krux is the final boss. Krux had soon made up a plan: A way to open portals through which the Krawl access the Nanairo system, but Rallen and Jeena were put on the mission to stop them, defeating his four High Krawl.

In the end, they finally arrived on the planet of Malik, the hiding place of Krux. Before directly engaging Rallen, Krux summons his "True Dark Spectrobes," Dolgon and Dolgan. Once they are defeated, Krux sends out Kragon, which takes no damage from Rallen's standard Spectrobes. This leads to the unexpected activation of the Flame Geo and summoning of the Ultimate Form Spectrobe, Tindera, to defeat it. Krux then duels Rallen, but Rallen defeats him and slices the mask in two, which reveals Krux's face. Krux makes his escape shortly after his defeat.

Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

After his defeat by Rallen, Krux was able to regroup the Krawl armies. He had been appearing across Kaio, though it was later revealed to be Jado, and not the real Krux. He planned on sending a Krawlosphere to the Kaio System in order to destroy Wyterra.


In the ruins on Bahmud, Krux appears with Jado and reminisces on his past with Grant and Kamtoga. He then attempts to trap Grant, Kamtoga, Rallen, and Jeena in the ruins, while leaving to watch his plan unfold.

Rallen and Jeena fight massive swarms of Krawl within the Krawlosphere, eventually reaching him in the core. After defeating him and Terragan, he falls into a pit in the center of the chamber and his mask comes off. A cutscene that plays after beating the postgame depicts a shadowy mass on a chunk of ice orbiting Wyterra reforming into Krux, revealing that he survived the ordeal.

Appearance Edit

Spectrobe MasterEdit

Krux has shoulder-length orange hair and orange eyes. He wears a beige and white outfit with a brown cloak. His Cosmolink has the same standard shape as a Prizmod, although it has orange edges with a green light along the spine. His exact age at this point is unknown, but he appears to be in his mid to late 20's.

Krawl LeaderEdit

Krux is a very powerful opponent. His age is still unknown, though he does not appear to be any older than Grant (who appears to be in his 50's or 60's). He appears as a tall figure in a dark blue cloak wearing a mask that surges with an eerie reddish-orange light. His hair is considerably longer and more wild, and comes out from under his hood. Under the mask, the right side of his face is fused with some sort of Krawl. This same side of his body also has a clawed appendage that he can use to disarm or immobilize foes. In Beyond the Portals, Krux becomes enraged when his true face is revealed, although in Origins he willingly removes his mask. Krux also has a Prizmod that is black with red lights instead of white with blue lights.


Spectrobe MasterEdit

Krux was kindhearted toward the people of the Kaio system. He was patient and willing to help others, even when it put him in danger. He cared deeply for Kamtoga, his partner. His undoing probably came from personal ambition and passion for destroying the Krawl, since he believed that the dark mystery fluid would make him stronger.

Krawl LeaderEdit

Krux is angry and impatient. He resents normal Spectrobes. This can be seen in his refusal to utilize the creatures themselves, although he has a functional Prizmod of his own.


Krux's old SpectrobesEdit

As a Spectrobe Master, Krux had a number of Spectrobes. These Spectrobes, which fossilized some time after Krux's fall to darkness, held memories of their former master. Rallen and Jeena later viewed these memories when they discovered the fossils in Spectrobes: Origins.

True Dark SpectrobesEdit

As the Krawl overlord, Krux created what he calls True Dark Spectrobes. These creatures were crosses of Spectrobes and Krawl, with the combined powers of both.

  • Dolgon & Dolgan: These two were created by Krux to be the supreme dominant species over the Spectrobes. They looked the same, but had different attacks.
  • Kragon: An even stronger True Dark Spectrobe, being invulnerable to the attacks of Adult and Evolved Spectrobes. Rallen's team engaged it in battle, and he was only able to defeat it with the power of a Geo. Throughout the fight, it did not move or attack.

Name Etymology Edit

Krux may be a corruption of the word crux, meaning

  • a vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point


  • something that torments by its puzzling nature


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