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In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals and on the Official Artwork for Shakoblad, he has a silver belly. However, in the Concept Art and in Spectrobes: Origins Shakoblad has a pink belly. The same goes for Shakin.

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16 October 2021

     21:38  List of Spectrobes diffhist -14 contribs Changed Pinskora's image to a 3D model for consistancy Tag: Visual edit
     21:24  Incubator diffhist +272 contribs Typo fixes, formatting changes, minor additions Tag: Visual edit
     03:39  Krawl Vortex diffhist +42 contribs Information and spellcheck Tags: Visual edit, Mobile web edit, Mobile edit

15 October 2021

N    03:43  Template:Property/doc diffhist +556 Rydrako talk contribs Created page with "This template provides an icon and link to the a Property. == Example Usage == The template requires one parameter to define the property to display. <pre> {{Propert..." Tag: Source edit
N    03:38  Template:Property diffhist +670 Rydrako talk contribs Created page with "<onlyinclude>{{#switch:{{{3}}} |Corona = link=Corona Corona |Aurora = link=Aurora Aurora |Flash = File:SPFlash.gif|lin..." Tag: Source edit

13 October 2021

N    06:29  Clear diffhist +1,390 Rydrako talk contribs Created page with "right '''Clear Property''' is a Property in Spectrobes: Origins. It has no weaknesses or resistances to other properties. Only one Spectrobe..." Tag: Source edit
N    05:33  Template:KrawlIcon/doc diffhist +399 Rydrako talk contribs Created page with " This template outputs a link to a Krawl's page along with a sprite and/or a 3D model image if the files exist. First parameter is the Krawl's name with proper capitalization..." Tag: Source edit
N    05:32  Template:KrawlIcon diffhist +169 Rydrako talk contribs Created page with "<onlyinclude>[[{{{1}}}]]{{#ifexist:File:{{{1}}}.gif|[[File:{{{1}}}.gif]]}}{{#ifexist:File:{{{1}}}3D.png|[[File:{{{1}}}3D.png|{{{2}}}]]}}</onlyinclude> {{KrawlIcon/doc}}" Tag: Source edit

12 October 2021

     12:32  (Upload log)[Brandon Pow‎ (2×)]
12:32 Brandon Pow talk contribs uploaded File:Site-background-dark
12:31 Brandon Pow talk contribs uploaded File:Site-background-light
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Google Poly is shutting down June 30th, 2021. This will disable the majority of 3D Models on this wiki. Though a Sketchfab extension is available, it is highly unlikely that the platform will allow uploads of copyrighted assets. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated at my talk page.

- Brandon, Dec 12th 2020