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Miho Asada: Super Fossil Evolution SpectrobesEdit

化石超進化スペクトロブス (Super Fossil Evolution Spectrobes) ia a three-part manga series created by Miho Asada and published by Shogakukan. The manga was featured in the educational magazine, Shougaku Yonensei, which was targeted towards fourth graders, from March 3rd to May 1st, 2007. Each issue is 10 pages long. Shogakukan doesn't deal in back issues.

Chapter 1: We will defend the peace of the universe!Edit

The first chapter introduces the readers to Rallen, Jeena, Aldous and their fight against the Krawl with the help of beings called Spectrobes. The focus shifts to the planet Daichi, where Rallen commands Spikan and Zozane in a battle against a group of Swar. The Swar are defeated and disintegrate. Rallen receives a call from Jeena and explains the Krawl have shown signs on this planet as well. Suddenly the Prizmod starts beeping. Rallen digs under his feet to uncover a Komapod and brings it back to the Patrol Cruiser to show Aldous. Aldous calls it the "legendary Spectrobe" and asks Rallen to awaken it without delay. A Komainu is awakened. Jeena shows affection towards it, saying it looks like a puppy. Rallen fails to see how Komainu might be legendary, but the two are interrupted when an Aoi on the lookout starts screeching, warning them that Krawl vortexes are approaching.

Chapter 2: Great crisis!Edit

Aldous suggests a retreat, but Rallen runs out to confront the Krawl, entering battle with Spikan and Zozane again. Initially they seem to have the upper hand, but then Rallen spots a masked figure. Rallen says he is the one controlling the Krawl, then attacks him, but is pushed backwards. The Krawl have multiplied in the meantime. Back in the Patrol Cruiser, Jeena notices the figure has a Prizmod as well and asks Aldous who that could be. Aldous doesn't know, but says he is responsible for destroying his home planet. Rallen and his Spectrobes are overwhelmed by the Krawl. Aldous suggests giving Komainu an Evolve mineral to change it into its Adult form, but warns that the newly-awakened Komainu's body may not handle the evolution and the chances of success are one in a thousand. Jeena objects to it. Suddenly Komainu jumps up, snatches the Evolve mineral from Aldous' hands and runs out to Rallen, standing in between him and the Krawl. Komainu bites down on the mineral and its body starts to glow.

Chapter 3: Power up!Edit

Against the odds, Komainu evolves into Komanoto and proceeds to decimate the Krawl. Rallen wonders if this is the power of the legendary Spectrobe. Jeena praises its power. The ground suddenly rumbles and a Gyforma appears and attacks them. Jeena notices a high-power photon drive engine on its shoulders. Rallen hops off Komanoto's back, over Gyforma and fires with his Blaster to draw its attention. With it distracted, he commands Spikan and Zozane to perform a combination attack on the photon drive, which explodes. To finish it off, Rallen commands Komanoto to use its special attack, "Wild Bite", defeating Gyforma. The manga ends with Rallen saying they will maintain the peace in the universe, no matter how terrible the enemy is.

3dMedia Toonz!: SpectrobesEdit

There was also a comics project made by 3DMedia Toonz!. The plot is based on the beginning scenes of the first game.

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