Neal 3D

Neal is a male explorer featured within Spectrobes: Origins. He assists Rallen and Jeena in finding Pegatinum, and partially assists them in finding the third Shard. He is known to be clumsy, getting himself into various predicaments throughout the game. However, he has a very child-like eagerness, being interested by things such as ruins and ancient secrets and technologies.

Neal is first mentioned after Rallen and Jeena save Salia on Doldogo. While Salia and her mother Gretta are arguing, Salia mentions him getting into trouble in the forest.

After gathering the second Shard on Kogoeria, Kamtoga recommends that Rallen and Jeena contact Neal on Menahat, giving them his transmission coordinates. However, when they attempt to contact him, they instead receive a cry for help. Arriving on Menahat, they find Neal trapped inside the underground ruins. He tells them that he does not know how he got trapped, but that it possibly involved a "mechanism" that he had found.

When Rallen and Jeena find Neal inside the ruins, he tells them that there are seven sets of ruins on the planet, as well as that they are the secret to finding the Shard on Menahat. After defeating the giant Krawl on the planet, Neal tells Rallen and Jeena to look on Slayso for the next Shard, as well as giving them the blueprints for the Card Input Machine.

After Krux's defeat, Rallen and Jeena are set to leave the Kaio system when they receive a transmission from Slayso from not only Tidy and Scout but also from Neal, who is on the planet with them. According to the robots, Neal is "teaching" them about things "not in standard manuals." Neal then suddenly falls off the tower. However, Rallen assumes that he is fine.


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