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ハヤテ Hayate
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14.4 ft. / 4.4 m
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Pegatinum (ハヤテ Hayate) is a non-elemental Spectrobe in Spectrobes: Origins.


Pegatinum resembles a metallic horse/dragon Spectrobe with wings. It has the ability to fly and run at high speeds. It also has the ability to walk on light bridges scattered throughout the Kaio system, which usually lead to secret or hidden areas. Also, Pegatinum can fire white energy blasts from its eyes/head, like when it fired one at Zabacraw on Menahat.


While on Menahat, Rallen and Jeena uncover secrets about Pegatinum's past. In one room in the Underground Ruins, a wall painting depicts Pegatinum battling a huge fish-like Krawl. The Ancients inhabiting Menahat constructed a devastating weapon that was powerful enough to destroy the huge Krawl. Using Pegatinum, they lured the creature into the middle of the weapon. Once the Krawl was in place, Pegatinum passed through a series of gate-like switches, firing the weapon. The Krawl was destroyed but Menahat was devastated, going from a tropical and lush planet, to a desert planet devoid of life. The Ancients left their home and traveled in search of a new home. They sealed Pegatinum in the 7th ruin, and it slept for millenia, until Rallen and Jeena woke it and used it to destroy the huge Krawl, revived by Krux, by activating the weapon built by the Ancients. After the Krawl was destroyed, Pegatinum accompanied Rallen and Jeena in their Cosmolinks, serving as a fast way of travel.


  • Spectrobes: Origins - "Moving like a ray of light, this speedster will take you anywhere you need to go."


  • Pegatinum closely resembles Pegasus, a winged horse in Greek mythology. It may have even gotten its name from Pegasus and the mineral platinum (Pegasus, platinum).
  • Pegatinum may be related to Kaio, the Ultimate Form of the Kaio System, because they are similar in appearance as well as their powers, like the ability to fire white energy blasts. The fact that both where used by the Ancients to protect them or destroy evil forces may also back this theory.
  • Pegatinum is the only non-Ultimate Form Spectrobe that doesn't have an elemental property. However, if Kaio and Pegatinum are related, then this would make Pegatinum an Ultimate Form Spectrobe.
  • All Save Points and scannable ground items instantly disappear when Pegatinum is in use. They reappear when Rallen or Jeena switch any active Child Spectrobe out again.

Name EtymologyEdit

Language Name / Etymology
Icon-English English Pegatinum
Portmanteau of the words "pegasus" and "platinum".
Icon-Japanese Japanese ハヤテ Hayate
May be a corruption of 早い (hayai) meaning "quick". Directly translated, its name means "swift wind" (疾風, hayate).


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