Rallen holding his Prizmod.

The Prizmod is a device used to contain and manage Spectrobes. They can only be used by certain people, who are called Spectrobe Masters. Prizmods are found throughout the Spectrobes universe, but it is unknown where they were made/where they come from.


Rallen's PrizmodEdit

The Prizmod that Rallen uses is white, with three small lights on its front. He obtained it, which presumably belonged to Aldous, when he investigated the area near Aldous's hibernation capsule. It mysteriously fit the empty accessory slots on the wrists of his suit (he placed it on his left arm). The Prizmod can be confused with the standard NPP communication device Rallen uses to contact several characters throughout the games, but this is because the communicator is also on Rallen's left wrist.

Aldous' PrizmodEdit

Aldous also possess a Prizmod, which is the same as Rallen's except is golden. He managed to fix after crashing on Daichi, although it broke permanently after his fight with the Maja on the ancient ship's bridge.

Krux's PrizmodEdit

Being a former Spectrobe Master, Krux has a Prizmod as well. It is the same as Rallen's and Aldous's, only it is black with red lights. Before he became half-Krawl, Krux's Prizmod was a lighter color. When he fights Rallen in his throne room on Malik, he uses Spectrobe-Krawl hybrids known as True Dark Spectrobes.


The Prizmod can be used to control Spectrobes and store fossils, minerals, weapons and other various items. The user can check the health and status of their lined-up Spectrobes, switch the order of held Spectrobes, equip weapons, and view aqcuired tools and items.

In the DS games it could hold up to six Adult/Evolved form Spectrobes and one Child form Spectrobe. In Spectrobes: Origins, it is replaced by the Cosmolink.