Salia 3D

Gretta: "Lost? Hah! I wouldn't go there if I were you. Why, I've never heard of a child who got herself lost as many times as you!"
Salia: "Yeah, and you know what, Mother? Half the time it was when you were leading me by the hand!"
- Salia arguing with her mother after being returned home by Rallen and Jeena.

Salia is a female minor character from the game Spectrobes: Origins. She is an inhabitant of the planet Doldogo, where she plays the role as the daughter of Gretta, chief of Verdant Village.


Salia is a slim, young girl who also has orange hair, like her mother. She wears a white shirt, dark gold pants and yellow knee-high boots, reflecting her free-spirited attitude. Although her clothing is simple, the seemingly aboriginal markings on them are elaborate. Salia is similar to Gretta, in which she is not afraid to fight for her home and mark others' mistakes. As seen in the cutscenes of Spectrobes: Origins, this leads to fights with her mother.

Role in Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

After landing on the planet Doldogo, Rallen and Jeena approach Verdant Village to investigate the highly-polluted rivers flowing throughout the planet. Meeting up with Gretta, the chief of the village, they discover that her daughter, Salia, had went off alone to the Tree of Life which had been poisoned by the Krawl. Knowing that the girl was in danger, the duo set off to rescue her and succeed in doing so. Back home, Gretta and Salia bicker over Salia's brash attitude.

At the end of the game, Salia is one of the characters who bid farewell to Rallen, Jeena and Commander Grant before they leave the Kaio system, giving Rallen 'a little snack' as a present.

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