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Spectrobes was a single-player mobile game based on the Java (J2ME) platform. It was created by the vendor Living Mobile, which had already worked on several other Disney Java game titles, and published on the iTunes Store for iOS devices. As of October 8th, 2015, the game is no longer available for download.


At an unknown point of time in the Nanairo galaxy, Rallen recovers his stolen Prizmod from a band of "space pirates" but is shocked to find that only one Spectrobe is still inside - Komainu. Jeena then agrees to help him find his missing Spectrobes while stopping the pirates as it is revealed that they have "some sort of connection to the Krawl". As the game progresses, the duo learn the space pirates' plan to send Spectrobes through a portal, with no way of returning. Fearing for their safety, Rallen stages a final battle with the pirates and wins. Peace is restored to the galaxy.


The game combined the mechanics of tile-matching puzzle games with an adventure story. Moves are made by dragging rows and columns, eliminating empty squares; when three or more of the same minerals are matched linearly, they disappear. There are two main styles of playing:

Spectrobe (non-hostile)Edit

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Here, the objective is to fill up four meters at the bottom of the screen before time is up. The first three meters correspond to the type of mineral on the screen, and a fourth meter (the Spectrobe meter) fills up when the other three are full. The round ends when the fourth meter is filled, and a new Spectrobe will join the player's team. The game ends in failure if the time is up before the meters are filled, which is 2 minutes on average.

At the end of each round, the attributes of the Spectrobe the player used will increase permanently depending on his or her performance.

Krawl Battles (hostile)Edit

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Before starting the game, players get to choose which Spectrobe they want to use against an enemy Krawl. Type matching is a crucial part of the game; if the player uses a "matching" Spectrobe against a Krawl, damage taken is significantly reduced during gameplay. In the game, mineral matching will fill up different meters - red and yellow minerals fill up the "Strength" and "Light Energy" meters respectively, both of which unleash attacks when full, and green minerals replenish a Spectrobe's HP. The round ends when either party's green meter is completely depleted.


Choosing the "Start Game" option on the main screen will give 5 modes of play:

  • Campaign: The main storyline can be played from beginning to end, which autosaves after every successful stage.
  • Quick play: Starts a non-hostile game with random game settings (area size, minerals et ceters).
  • Single match: Starts a hostile match, once again randomly set.
  • Survival: The game pits the player against non-stop Krawl battles, and the game ends when the player's Spectrobe runs out of HP.
  • Create a Level: Lets the player choose size of play area before starting.

Campaign ModeEdit

Initially, Rallen has only a Komainu to work with, and will get new Spectrobes as the game progresses.

# Type Size Planet Time Enemy Intr. New
1 Feed 7x7 Mobile - Kollin Kollin 2:20 NIL Mobile - Red Mineral Red, Mobile - Yellow Mineral yellow, Mobile - Green Mineral green, Mobile - Blue Mineral blue Mobile - Spikan Spikan
2 Battle 7x7 Mobile - Daichi Daichi NIL Mobile - Blova Blova, green NIL NIL
3 Feed 7x7 Mobile - Moon Daichi 1 2:30 NIL Mobile - Purple Mineral Purple Mobile - Aoba Aoba
4 Battle 9x8 Mobile - Ziba Ziba NIL Mobile - Swar Swar, blue NIL NIL
5 Feed 7x8/9x8 Mobile - Moon Aoboshi/Akaboshi 2:40 NIL Mobile - Light Green Mineral Light green Mobile - Dongora Dongora
6 Battle 10x8 Mobile - Nessa Nessa NIL Mobile - orange NIL NIL
7 Feed 11x7 Mobile - Daichi Daichi 2:50 NIL Mobile - Stone Stone Mobile - Gejigage Gejigage
8 Feed 10x8 Mobile - Nessa Nessa 2:50 NIL Mobile - Orange Mineral Orange Mobile - Grildragos Grildragos
9 Battle 11x8 Mobile - Genshi Genshi NIL Mobile - Blova Blova, orange NIL NIL
10 Feed 7x7 Mobile - Moon X 3:00 NIL Earthquake Mobile - Vilamasta Vilamasta
11 Battle 10x8 Mobile - Himuro Himuro NIL Mobile - Swar Swar, blue NIL NIL
12 Feed 8x8 Mobile - Moon Himuro 1 3:10 NIL Mobile - White Mineral White Mobile - Maserobo Maserobo
13 Battle 11x8 Mobile - Meido Meido NIL Mobile - green NIL NIL
14 Feed 9x8 Mobile - Moon Meido 1/2/3 3:20 NIL Mobile - Light Blue Mineral Light blue Mobile - Samurite Samurite
15 Battle 11x8 Mobile - Teleport Teleport NIL All 3 NIL NIL

Names are given based on sprites used. The names as printed are Aobasar, Vilanox, Mametosu (wrongly spelled) and Samugeki.



  • Mobile - Red Mineral Red - increases strength attribute
  • Mobile - Yellow Mineral Yellow - increases light energy attribute
  • Mobile - Green Mineral Green - increases HP attribute
  • Mobile - Blue Mineral Blue - freezes Krawl
  • Mobile - Purple Mineral Purple - increases strength (red) attribute and freezes timer / Krawl
  • Mobile - Light Green Mineral Light green - increases both light energy (yellow) and HP attribute (green)
  • Mobile - Orange Mineral Orange - increases both strength (red) and light energy (yellow) attribute
  • Mobile - White Mineral White - directly adds to the fourth pile to obtain new Spectrobes (only present in Feed games)
  • Mobile - Light Blue Mineral Light blue - increases health (green) and freezes the timer / Krawl
  • Mobile - Stone Black - stone (obstacle that can only be removed with an explosion powerup)


Three powerups can be awarded for performing three clears in a single move. They are:

  • Mobile - Explosives Powerup Explosion - removes one element from the board
  • Mobile - Rainbow Powerup Rainbow - turns any element into a rainbow (wildcard) mineral that can match any type
  • Mobile - Freeze Powerup Freeze - stops a Krawl from charging its attack gauge for 5 seconds

In addition, if the player makes 5 clears in a single move, two squares appear that do not give any boosts. They are:

  • Mobile - Zozane Square A picture of Zozane
  • Mobile - Mineral Square A picture of a dark mineral


  • During a battle with Krawl, type matches of the Spectrobe now follow the colour of their strength instead of their actual properties. For example, a Corona-type Komainu appears to have a green tinge to the screen (eg. it is strong against Aurora types).

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